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Hello there and welcome to "Jacek Studios" where you will find original fursuits made by me, Jacek! All of the suits here are custom made for you and fueled by your ideas of what you want to be!

Current Update 9/2/2007

Well I figured this site was due for an update, so here it is. I've been quite busy with fursuits lately so more will be posted shortly! Commisions are, at the moment, $450 for a partial and $800 for a full suit. Of course there are more fees for add ons, such as latex parts and airbrushing, but those can be happily descussed via e-mail.
As for my personal life, this next weekend is the MN Furry Fall Picnic where I will be wearing my newly made Jacek fursuit for the first time, which I am quite excited about! I will also be attending MFF this november which will be my first furry convention. *rainbow* The more you know!


My Personal Fursuit "Jacek"

Have Any Questions or Comments on My Work? Feel Free To Contact me Anytime!

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