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Here are Links to Some of my Favorite Sites!

Furry Related Websites

Here is a great site to go to if you have any furry fandom work you want others to look at!

Fur Affinity

Here is another if you're just looking for others to talk with about the fandom and lifestyle!

Furry 2 Furry

Looking for other types of Commisions? Check out this auction site!

See whats up Furbids!

Non-Furry Related Websites

Gaia Online is a great site for anyone! You get to create your own avatar, dress it, find cool items, and they even have a forums where you could find any topic you could ever want!

Gaia Online

Neopets looks like it would be a site only for children, but that is far from the truth. You are able to get up to 4 pets that you can paint a tond of different colors, you can meet new people, and it's all FREE!


It's More Than Just Fur...