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Here are a few pieces from my collection of dragons ^.=.^ There will be more pictures coming soon!


My Plushies...let me show you thems.


This is Skizip, my new woodbaby dragon ^.=.^ I got him at the Rennesaunce Festival last weekend and added wings to him.


This is Jacek Jr. Another baby dragon I bought at the Rens Fest two years ago; I also added wings to him. This guy has to be one of my favorite of my collection.


This is another favorite of mine that I bought at an African store in Crossroads Mall. I love his bright colors!


I bought this guy at the State Fair last year from a Indian booth.


I bought this last weekend at the State Fair, some kinda turtle dragon thing, but I think it's a nice statue.


Here are three dragons of the McFarlane Dragon series. I have every one of the sets so far though I choose to only picture these at the moment.


Here is yet another McFarlane Dragon from series 2, the deluxbox set.


I've had this dragon since I was about 7, and it is very important to me. Made of pewter is ruby eyes.


This is a hemp dragon I bought at the Rens Fest last weekend as well, very poseable, but I wanted to hang it from my ceiling.


This a a kite I bought from the State Fair last weekend, pretty cool but the guy wanted $60 for it, so I got him talked down to $30. Yay for hagleing!

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